By Andy Young

Carlton Draught is continuing its fresh beer innovation as it continues to rollout its brewery fresh tank beers.

Six new Sydney venues will be fitted with the beer tanks in the coming weeks, as the company aims to deliver the "freshest possible beer" to customers. 

Carlton Draught's marketing manager, Michael McKeown told TheShout: "We're the number one on-premise brand in Australia and innovation is just a really important part of what we do at CUB. And what we want to do is deliver the freshest beer and the freshest version of Carlton Draught to our on-premise channel.

And in terms of where the idea came from McKeown added: "We were looking at what can we do with Carlton Draught, to not only cement our number one status, but also to help drive people back into the on-premise and giving an experience that can't be replicated at home.

"This is all about delivering the freshest possible beer; so it's unpasteurised, it's not filtered, it's never stored and it never goes above three degrees and it's a cold delivery. But it really is about how we can deliver the best possible Carlton Draught to market

The beer is unpasteurised and is decanted straight from the bright beer tank and is kept chilled through transportation. It is then delivered swiftly to the venues, "it's a great story for the staff and consumers are really responding to the beer," McKeown added.

Currently there six venues in Victoria with the fresh beer tanks, two in South Australia and now six in New South Wales. One new Sydney venue started pouring the beer last week and a further five venues will be fitted in the coming weeks. 

Sydney CBD's Republic Hotel started pouring the brewery fresh draught beer last week and it will be joined by North Sydney's Rag & Famish on 3 July, Hunters Hill's Hunters Hill Hotel on 10 July, Northern Beaches' Collaroy Hotel one week later, Parramatta's Commercial Hotel on 24 July and Bondi's Tea Gardens will be pouring from 31 July.

And so far the public response has been very positive, "we're getting a fantastic response," McKeown said. "People are just interested in the tanks, it's adding romance back into the on-premise and it is really creating a bit of buzz.:

McKeown did add that Carlton Draught is planning to rollout the beer tanks across other venues in other states, but as yet he was not able to reveal the specifics of those installations, but he did say: "Tank beer is something we are investing a lot in because we believe in delivering the freshest possible product to our consumers. So you will see it expanding and you'll start to hear a lot more about tank beer."

He added: "Clearly, there is a huge demand for fresh, quality draught beer as Sydneysiders have embraced Carlton Draught Tank Beer. We are delighted and proud to be expanding Tank beer into another six venues in Sydney, currently we are delivering over 8,000 litres per month and this is on track to double in the coming months."

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