As part of its brand re-launch yesterday, Cascade has announced the launch of Bright Ale as well as the decision to delete Cascade Pure from the range.

Cascade Bright Ale is made from 100 per cent malt and uses a blend of three specially-selected Tasmanian hops – Pride of Ringwood, Galaxy and Cascades.

The Bright Ale was developed over an 18 month period that included market research, focus groups and brewing trials.

Speaking to TheShout, Cascade brand manager Louise Thiele said the decision to use only Tasmanian hops represented part of the “mandated changes” to the new Cascade brand values that represent its heritage.

Thiele said the Bright Ale, as well as the other relaunched beers in the Cascade range, will compete with Matilda Bay and Peroni from within its own CUB business, and the Little Creatures and James Squire brands from the Lion stable.

When asked about the inevitable comparison between the Cascade Bright Ale and the Little Creatures Bright Ale, Thiele said “there is room for both brands”.

“There are loads of ales in the same category, the difference with ours is its Tasmanian provenance.”

Thiele said the decision to delete Cascade Pure was disappointing, but this was largely due to the lack of following from beer drinkers.

“Unfortunately, Cascade Pure lost its way and it will no longer be available. It is sad to see it go, but at the end of the day it is consumers that delete products, not us.”

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  1. CASCADE PURE was actually a good drop and unique at that. It is a real shame to hear it has been deleted.

  2. Yes, Pure had a great taste and I’ll miss it. I’ll try the new one for sure. I had to drive 40km to buy Pure, so didn’t get to drink a lot. Too many drinkers get welded on to the mainstream brands and are unwilling to try other types. Their loss.

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