Bacardi Lion is excited to announce a new addition to its premium product portfolio – Cazadores. With the category currently experiencing a renaissance, it is the perfect  opportunity to introduce one of the world’s highest selling tequilas to Australia. Cazadores complements Bacardi Lion’s range of premium offerings and fills a gap in its product portfolio.

Renowned among tequila connoisseurs, Cazadores is one of the most popular premium tequilas in Mexico and the United States and will be on sale in Australia from this month.

Available in three variants – Blanco, Reposado and Aňejo, the range has enjoyed multiple award wins over the years – most recently Cazadores Aňejo winning best tasting tequila in the 2007 International Spirits Challenge in London.

The highland deer on every bottle of Cazadores symbolises the importance of its origins in the Los Altos highlands of Mexico. It’s here that ideal growing conditions produce agave which are larger, sweeter and juicier then those used by most tequila producers. Cazadores is created using only 100% highland agave giving it a rich, fruity, naturally sweet taste.

Unlike many other tequilas which are aged in used bourbon barrels, Cazadores Reposado and Cazadores Aňejo are aged (for over two months and 12 months respectively) in new, American oak casks, adding a distinctive oaky spiciness which enhances the exceptionally rich, smooth, complex taste with fruity flavours and a subtle vanilla sweetness that is so distinctly Cazadores.

The Cazadores maestro tequilero (master distiller) describes each stage of the production of Cazadores as “taking the best of the best”. From the cutting and 24 hour cooking of the agave to the seven-day fermentation period, distillation and ageing of two to 12 months, every stage of the process takes that little bit longer. This care and attention to detail results in the exceptionally smooth taste of Cazadores, which can be enjoyed neat, or in classic and contemporary tequila cocktails.

The Cazadores portfolio of tequilas has a product for each occasion. Sip and slowly savour Cazadores Reposado and Cazadores Añejo neat or enjoy Cazadores Blanco and Cazadores Reposado in classic tequila cocktails like the Margarita.

The launch of Cazadores in Australia will be supported by an exclusive launch event held on 16 September and Global Cazadores brand ambassador, Magally Franco, will be travelling to Sydney during this week to showcase just why Cazadores is one of the finest tequilas.

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