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The Craft Beer Industry Association (CBIA) will work towards anchoring its role in the industry during 2015, according to chair Peta Fielding.

Fielding said this year will see the CBIA focus on its two key events – the 3rd Annual Craft Brewers Conference and the 2nd Annual Craft Beer Awards – while also bracing for growth as Australia’s love of craft beer continues to skyrocket. 

“To that end, we have established a permanent office and we are in the process of recruiting for a second full-time staff member,” she said. 

“We are putting a lot of time into identifying and engaging appropriate advisor and support networks, to provide continuity to the organisation’s operations and knowledge base, even as board members change from time to time.” 

Fielding said the inaugural Annual Craft Beer Awards was a highlight for the CBIA in 2014.

“For a number of years Australian brewers have been earning recognition at numerous well-credentialed international beer competitions. The Craft Beer Awards provided a great opportunity to showcase the industry at home,” she said.

This year will also see the CBIA host the 3rd Annual Craft Brewers’ Conference. 

“The conference aims to provide an opportunity for the industry as a whole to evolve in a number of areas such as brewing expertise, quality, safety, sales and promotion – and of course to connect suppliers in the Australian market place with the increasing number of new and expanding breweries.” 

See the upcoming Leaders' Forum edition of National Liquor News for the full interview with Peta Fielding.

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