By Andy Young

The Craft Beer Industry Association has said it "acknowledges and appreciates" the roles played by Mountain Goat owners Cam Hines and Dave Bonighton, in Australia's craft beer industry.

Speaking after the announcement that Asahi Premium Beverages has bought Mountain Goat Beer, CIBA's executive officer, Chris McNamara also said he hoped Hines and Bonington would continue their involvement with the Association.

"[On Monday] we heard the news that Mountain Goat Beer has been sold to Asahi Premium Beverages," McNamara said.

"It is well known that 18years ago, when Mountain Goat began, the modern wave of craft brewing was in its very infancy in Australia.

"Through their hard work, Cam and Dave did much to lay the groundwork for the momentum enjoyed by the craft beer sector today. As well as building a great beer business, both men have played leading roles in the industry as a whole, including in the formation of the CBIA. We acknowledge and appreciate their efforts.

"The CBIA celebrates the successes of all Australian craft brewers – whatever that means to each one – be it gaining a tap in their local pub, securing ranging in a national chain, selling to a new owner – or anything in between.

"The parameters for eligibility for membership of the CBIA were developed around the volume brewed by the relevant operation, as opposed to its ownership structure. For so long as Mountain Goat continues to meet those volume parameters, we look forward to their continuing involvement with the CBIA."

Hines and Bonington announced on Monday that Asahi Premium Beverages had bought Mountain Goat Beer, with the pair saying that they plan to stay involved and ensure "focus remains on the beer".

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