By James Atkinson

Molson Coors and Coca-Cola Amatil executives introduced publicans to the Blue Moon craft beer range this week, as CCA reaffirmed its ambitions for its December 17 re-entry into beer and cider.

At the Sydney launch function at Black By Ezard restaurant, CCA managing director of Australian Beverages, John Murphy told customers the company has retained valuable intellectual property from its previous beer venture, enabling it to hit the ground running in a few weeks’ time.

He was referring to capabilities such as draught beer services, CCA’s FORMULA app and on-line beverage training technology, its in-house point of sale and promotions agency and existing beer and cider sales force.

“We’ve spent the last two years getting ready,” he said.

“A lot of it’s been with your help as well and a lot of other customers in Australia as to how we would do that.”

“Tonight, we won’t be able to take any orders, but we can take IOUs,” Murphy joked.

The dinner was hosted by Blue Moon founder and brewmaster Keith Villa, who introduced the brand’s flagship Belgian White Ale, which is served with an orange garnish.

Guests also experienced several other beers from Blue Moon’s total portfolio of 28 different variants.

Also in attendance were CEO of Molson Coors International Kandy Anand and Bret Vye, global commercial officer of the company's global licence business.

They were joined by fifth generation Coors family member, David Coors, who has taken up a new role as Molson Coors general manager of Australasia. He will be based in Sydney as the new distribution arrangement comes online. 

Coors told TheShout the focus will be on Blue Moon Belgian White and Coors in the first instance, but there are plenty of supplementary brands that could be introduced in time.

“This is a market that we’ve always tried to figure out a way to get into,” he said.

“We have a great international portfolio. We have access to Carling out of the UK, Cobra out of India, Staropramen out of the Czech Republic, Molson Canadian out of Canada and Doom Bar [recently acquired UK cask ale brand].”

“We’ll be working with our partners to work out what we bring out and when,” said Coors.

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