Analogue CCTV or Digital IP cameras, why choose when you can have both?

Vectron puts an end to your dilemma with the revolutionary VR Hybrid surveillance system.

You probably have an analogue CCTV system in place, so in theory you should be fine as far is law is concerned. But when it actually comes down to investigating an incident or variance, does your system deliver, or are the images too blurry and dark to be of any real consequence? What if you find some blind spots and need to add more cameras? Will that push the total number of cameras over the dreaded 16? That would then require a second DVR – welcome to monitoring mayhem!

So what’s a venue owner to do? Keep adding more DVRs or completely dispense with the analogue cameras and go digital all the way which means starting from scratch and can cost a lot more? We come across such experiences and issues almost on a daily basis, and that made us think – why should you have to choose?

Now you don’t. 

Vectron puts an end to this dilemma of choice with a revolutionary surveillance solution that builds on your existing analogue set up and lets you add digital IP cameras in the hot spots to get superior clarity where it matters most. 

The VR Hybrid Surveillance system offers an extremely flexible setup through its ability to integrate with a number of different cameras, digital as well as analogue on one consolidated platform. This revolutionary technology is ideal for surveillance upgrades at venues which want to retain their existing compatible cameras and for new setups where you want to achieve the optimum level of protection by combining a range of different camera types such as day and night dual lens for the parking area, an infrared dome for dim lit lounge/restaurant or a 360o dome to cover your bar area. This often allows you to add the best suited camera for each part of your venue while also keeping the overall costs down.

You can have up to a hundred IP cameras or a combination of up to 32 analogue and balance IP cameras in one seamless setup. You have the choice of various screen divisions, multiplex or the full screen mode for better monitoring. Secure, remote viewing makes your venue instantly accessible for your scrutiny from home, while traveling or from any other location with internet.

At Vectron we believe that a system upgrade does not have to be a cost upgrade. We will assess your existing system to retain any compatible cameras and recommend high quality IP cameras only in areas that require it .Completely scalable, Vectron can quote on installations for both, large and small venues. Request more information or a demo on 1300 530 509.

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