Much like insurances you pay all your life and never really use CCTV surveillance is similar, but when something goes wrong you’ll be glad you invested wisely.
Vectron has been in the hospitality business for over 25 years, we know the day to day threats and the extensive regulations that gaming venues and hotels face. We understand your business so we can design the right surveillance system saving you money and giving you greater security on multiple levels. 
In the hospitality industry CCTV can play an integral part in managing your business.  In your venue the right surveillance prevents fraudulent activities by staff or customers, break-ins during closure and injury claims.   High quality monitoring of all gaming machines at all times identify individuals, cover all entrances and exits and cashier stations.   And advanced number plate recognition of all vehicles that drive through a specified zone ensures nothing is missed at your site.
As you can see a customised security system can provide much more than a deterrent for criminals.  It also provides security against internal theft, can assist in staff training and customer service, false claims and provide general safety peace of mind for your staff and you when you’re not on site.
At Vectron we pride ourselves on providing a fully integrated IP CCTV solution including cabling, cameras, recorder, storage, hardware, software and more.  Our engineers and installers take their time to respect your premises.  Our commissioning ensures that the framework complies with regulatory body requirements.  Our knowledge of regulations covers all major industries.  For instance we understand that gaming venues need to record a minimum or 6 frames per second.
As single source solution you can rest assured that your CCTV surveillance is up to standard in the event you do actually need it.
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