2-litre cask wine industry leader Winesmiths has released a collection of easy-to-make cocktail recipes ahead of World Cocktail Day on 13 May, responding to consumers wanting more exciting and fun ways to enjoy drinks at home.

The recipes offer a twist on some traditional favourites, such as the ‘White Mojito’, and some new ideas to highlight traditional wine varieties, such as the ‘Citrus Blanc’.

Winesmiths Senior Brand Manager Lisa Antoney says, “World Cocktail day is a great opportunity for retailers to generate some theatre around the 2-Litre cask category by showing consumers exciting ways to enjoy wine.”

The Winesmiths cocktail recipes, designed for making at home, offer an affordable solution for consumers eliminating the need for multiple bottles of spirits.

In addition, Antoney explains that “wine-based cocktails are perfect for a refreshing, lower alcohol cocktail option to share with friends.”

Try the White Mojito

This White Wine mojito is made to refresh, and perfectly paired with relaxation in the Australian environment.


•    3 cups of Winesmiths Sauvignon Blanc

•    3 limes

•    2 cups of lemonade

•    1 cup of mint

•    Sugar to taste (optional)


Combine the wine, two juiced limes, lemonade, half the mint and sugar in a large jug and give it a good stir. Pour into a glass, add a few pieces of fresh lime and the remaining mint leaves.

Servings: 8-10

Explore all the recipes at Winesmiths.com.au

About Winesmiths

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At Winesmiths we believe that affordable wine doesn’t have to come at the sacrifice of great quality. The creation of our premium range of Winesmiths wines began in 1984 and though we’ve learnt and grown over this time, that belief stands true to everything we do here.

That’s why our wines are largely made from a single variety and a single vintage. And why we’ve chosen our packaging to hold our wine’s freshness and flavour for longer, even after it’s been opened for a while. It’s why we ensure our wine is fully vegan, and our practices are environmentally conscious. All so you can enjoy life’s little moments to the full.

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