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A new ready-to-serve cocktail range is launching soon with the backing of a Melbourne bar owner, the former drummer of Silverchair and the new Real Housewives of Melbourne reality TV show.

The La Máscara range was created by Nathan Debritt – owner of The Kodiak Club and Little Blood bars – and Anton Drazevic from Folklore Branding, in conjunction with ex-Silverchair drummer Ben Gillies and his wife, Jackie Gillies (pictured) – a professional psychic who is one of the stars of the The Real Housewives of Melbourne (RHOM) series that will air on Foxtel in late February.

“Collectively we are a tight ship, we have worked really closely to create this brand from the ground up and are passionate and excited to bring this to market,” said Debritt.

“We will be releasing the product in parallel to La Máscara’s storyline in the show. Our involvement with the RHOM has dictated our release schedule as we wanted the audience to follow the story which tracks the development of La Máscara, from concept to completion, and then be able to purchase the products.”

The key demographic for the product will be the viewers of RHOM, who will get to share the brand’s journey through the show, Debritt explains, along with women who wants a high quality cocktail in a convenient format.

“La Máscara is an exclusive experience made accessible to all, including any woman over 18 who enjoys a higher standard of cocktail or as Jackie would say ‘a touch of Housewives glamour’.” 

“The qualitative research we have conducted to date with our target market has informed both our flavour range and packaging,” said Debritt. [continues below]

Anton Drazevic, Jackie & Ben Gillies and Nathan Debritt

The Gillies’ aim of creating their own beverage company is one of the major storylines in the RHOM show, covering the complete journey from product development hurdles to the launch party.

“This benefits us in two ways, firstly it allows the viewers to share in Ben and Jackie’s journey, allows them to see our humble beginnings and most importantly to enjoy and share our range of drinks,” said Debritt.

“Secondly, it’s a marketing dream, not too dissimilar to Masterchef or My Kitchen Rules. It provides the brand a stand out advantage when it’s given air on a popular TV show.”

The current range has three SKUs – a reworked French Martini, an apple and mint Caprioska and an Espresso Martini – with plans to add more RTS products to the portfolio, as well as a Prosecco and a vodka, in the future.

“Our products were custom crafted by myself, a career bartender, so naturally they kick arse. As a result the most important part, the flavour and balance of the beverages, will eclipse our competitors. We are totally confident of this,” said Debritt.

“Also, it seems most other brands have given up on the category, whereas we are proud of our product and have media and celebrity backing to make sure our customers know about it.”

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  1. Why does this story seem familiar?Haven’t we had similar storyline in the original The Real Housewives franchise from New York where Bethenny Frankel launched Skinny Girl Cocktail brand? Which she later sold to Beam Global for alleged $100 million?

  2. You are making a drink called CAPRIOSKA!??!
    How about getting your facts right first and understanding that the correct spelling on the drink which is CAIPIROSKA. A variation of the Brazilian drink Caipirinha, using vodka instead of cachaca.

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