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Challenging the 'old way' of doing things is not an easy task. However, if venues don't look for innovative ways to improve their business, they will miss out on valuable new technologies and practices that will not only reduce running costs, but will also improve the end product for customers. 

According to Hunter Technologies’ Iain French the weekly beer-line clean is the 'old way' of doing things.

"It is an expensive and time consuming process, which due to the costs involved with these cleans means corners are cut and these cleans can be pushed back further than they should – resulting in lower quality product for the customer," he says.

"CellarControl changes this old way of line cleaning allowing venues to clean their beer-lines every six weeks, resulting in an 80 per cent reduction in beer-line cleaning costs such as beer wastage, chemical usage and labour costs, while at the same time maintaining excellent beer quality."

Using patented sweeping sound technologies, CellarControl solves a critical quality control gap in any beer system: the beer-lines. While these lines are typically maintained by the standard weekly clean above, CellarControl operates 24/7 throughout the entire beer-line system, drastically reducing line build-up. As a result, the beer-lines only need to be cleaned every six weeks, while maintaining top quality beer. Also, less handling of potentially harmful cleaning chemicals means a safer work environment for your staff.

"It's a double win," French said.

"Operators get excellent beer quality with reduced wastage, labour and running costs."

First installed in 2007, CellarControl is now installed in hundreds of venues Australia-wide, from small country pubs to large metropolitan pub groups. Installed in the cool room, the system is unobtrusive and requires minimal maintenance.

Will Metcalfe from the Station Hotel installed CellarControl in 2009 and has never looked back.

"The beer wastage of 60 schooners per week has not only stopped, I am also able to sell those schooners previously tipped down the drain. I would recommend giving this system a go as what you save far exceeds the cost of the unit and there is no negative impact beer quality," he says.

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