Celmec International presents their HeatRay Heating range. Engineered and manufactured by Celmec right here in Australia, the HeatRay range includes electric heating panels, gas-fired heaters, portable patio heaters and heated umbrella structures.

Whether you have a totally open beer garden or partially covered breakout area, Celmec can tailor a solution to match your needs and your budget. Rather than relying on mushroom heaters that cost on average $2.00/hr to run, why not look at the Celmec portable heater that runs at $0.50/hr. Or permanent gas heaters connected to your gas supply. If gas isn’t an option, there are electricity powered heating panels. Or if there is no where to mount heaters, the HeatRay umbrellas with in-built heating will provide both shade, protection from the rain and outdoor heating.

All HeatRay heaters utilize radiant technology, which is similar to the heat generated by the sun, but without the harmful ultraviolet component. This form of heating is perfect for hospitality settings as the heat directly warms people and objects. It doesn’t waste energy and cost trying to heat the air that just blows away.

URL: http://www.heatray.com

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