While we can’t all be like Marilyn Monroe and fill our bathtubs with 150 bottles of Champagne, that doesn’t mean we can’t get behind the bubbles, following the release of Great, Grand & Famous Champagnes: Behind the Bubble.

The beautifully presented 240-page hardcover book, which just won the 2011 Gourmand Wine Book Award for best Australian book in the category of "French Wine", explores the history, culture and science behind the creation of Champagne, as well as its exciting journey from the noble tipple to the everyday table. You’ll learn more about your favourite bottle of bubbles, along with the facts and stories of many of the great producers, such as, Moet & Chandon, Veuve Cliquot, Bollinger and Krug.

This compelling history will not only keep you engrossed, you will also increase your understanding of these mysterious bubbles, now recognised as France’s greatest gift to civilisation.

You can preview and purchase the book here or contact kate@arbonpublishing.com for more details.

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