By Andy Young

Australia has once again proved to be an important market for Champagne, with 2014 showing an 8.3 per cent increase in imports.

Over 6.5 million bottles of Champagne were imported into Australia last year, making the country the sixth largest market in the world in terms of importing.

Elisabeth Drysdale, director of Australia's Champagne Bureau, told The Shout: "Australia, historically has had a great affiliation with Champagne since the gold rush days. Over the last decades, we have always remained in the top 10 markets for importing. 

"Given we are also a wine producing country and are increasingly more educated about other wine regions around the world and in particular Champagne, I believe these figures are consistent for 2015 as well."

The Champagne Bureau also said that greater access to "excellent non-vintage styles" in Australia and the strong Australian dollar have helped drive the sales increase over the last decade or so.

More education in the on-trade and price competitiveness in the off-trade has also seen a greater variety of non-vintage Champagnes in the market and has helped attract new consumers to Champagne.

The Bureau added: "We are also seeing a younger demographic drink Champagne and understand where it comes from, which is really important. Australians understand it is a fantastic wine that can be matched throughout a meal and not only enjoyed as an aperitif."

Globally shipments of Champagne grew one per cent by volume in 2014, with an annual turnover of 4.5 billion euros. This is the second best performance in the Champagne region's history.

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