Champagne Lallier has launched the latest release in its Réflexion range of expressions, R.020, in Australia. The release marks a milestone moment for Lallier, being the 10th Réflexion cuvée, and the first blend by Dominique Demarville, Lallier Cellar Master and General Manager.

R.020 captures the essence of the 2020 harvest, a year with near-perfect growing conditions, resulting in an elegant wine with white flower flavours and strong notes of fresh citrus.

Sharing his excitement about his first blend, Demarville said: “I am very proud to reveal this new cuvée to the world. In R.020 brut multi-vintage cuvée, we aim to show a representation of the year 2020, which was a fruitful one in Champagne, and of course the perfect balance between the four atmospheres of Lallier’s style: freshness, purity, intensity and depth.

“I am honoured and proud to be able to contribute to the Réflexion cuvées that Lallier releases almost every year and look forward to this special blend being enjoyed across the globe,” he continued.

The launch of R.020 signifies a turning point in the Réflexion collection, and a new brand identity and bottle design have been revealed to coincide with the release. The label is embossed with an intricate vine leaf, designed to symbolise the house’s deep connection to terroir and commitment to nature, and is presented on an exclusive bottle shape.

Unlike traditional non-vintage Champagne which strives to recreate a consistent product each year, Lallier’s Réflexion range aims to blend heritage and innovation with the unique patterns of nature, staying true to the individual character of each year’s harvest.

Dermaville said: “2020 was another exceptional harvest in quality after 2018 and 2019. Champagne, the region, had an average yield in 2020 with health grapes produced. Nature, which went undisturbed due to the unusual environment at that time, flourished greatly.

“The dry and sunny summer resulted in an early harvest, delivering intense and fresh grapes presenting a high maturity – perfect for what we were looking for to create exquisite wine.”

Aged for minimum 30 months, R.020 features a unique blend in which Chardonnay overtakes Pinot Noir for the first time, making up 51 per cent of the blend.

On the nose R.020 has aromas of white flowers and fresh citrus fruit notes, with a palate that begins fresh and delicate and finishes with an aromatic persistence and mineral salinity.

New to the Australian market, Champagne Lallier is the pinnacle of Campari Groups’ newly formed House of RARE portfolio, which showcases the groups’ high-end expressions comprising Champagne and ultra-premium spirits.

Christophe Prat, Managing Director French Icon Brands at Campari, said: “Lallier is amongst the very few who broke free from the foundational principles of the brut Champagne category by favouring the expression of the base year, over the regularity of the tasting profile.

“While preserving the historic art of Grand Cru winemaking, Lallier clearly wants to step ahead, and Dominique Demarville is the perfect expert and ally to help us challenge the rules while creating perfectly balanced blends every year.

“We’re particularly looking forward to launching brut multi-vintage cuvée R.020, to reveal our refined, graceful new bottle and expressive brand sign which is set to appeal to connoisseurs worldwide,” he concluded.

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