By Andrew Starke

Champagne imports to Australia in 2010 totalled 3,687,140 bottles, an increase of 25 percent on 2009.

The result maintains Australia’s position as the 9th largest export market for Champagne, according to the local Champagne Information Centre (CIC) which represents the Comité Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne (CIVC) based in Epernay, France.

The UK still represents the largest export market with 35,488,401 bottles (up 16.3 percent) followed by the US with 16,934,242 bottles (up 34.9 percent), Germany with 13,313,273 bottles (up 21.6 percent), Belgium with 8,806,008 bottles (up 7.8 percent) and Italy with 7,183,113 bottles (up 5.6 percent).

Overall, the exports of Champagne in 2010 saw a positive increase of 19.5 percent to a total of 134,512,601 bottles.

“Australia’s ability to remain steady in the 9th spot shows Australian consumers have developed greater Champagne knowledge in the last ten years,” said a spokesperson for the Champagne Information Centre.

“Education and appreciation initiatives such as the 2010 Vin de Champagne Awards have lead to increased consumption and demand for Champagne in Australia.”

Growth in local Champagne sales was last year flagged by market researchers Nielsen who noted in November that Australian consumers were being treated to considerable reductions in prices.


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