Many consumers have a limited view of cider as only for “summer refreshment” and are confused by the category because the sheer number of ciders available means it’s highly fragmented and difficult to shop. Our challenge at The Cider Lab is to make it easier for consumers to shop for and choose the cider that’s right for them.


In the same way wine celebrates grape varieties, The Cider Lab sources superior fruit varieties from Australia including Pink Lady Apples, Royal Gala Apples and Packham Pears to create delicious flavour profiles and sweetness levels without using concentrates or added sugar.


We’ve also worked closely with our customers and cider makers to introduce taste indicators on pack which help consumers choose ciders based on their preferred sweetness and tartness levels. This taste indicator applies across all ciders so we will continue to work with our customers to implement this Australia wide to re-language the category and improve consumer shopability.


To place an order or for more information, please contact your Asahi Premium Beverages representative or call 1800 090 378.


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