Cheerz is a FREE app-based marketing platform for bars, restaurants and clubs which puts you directly into the pocket of your target audience – young professionals who spend up to 4 hrs per day on their phones and who love to go out and discover new places.

Jane Harvey, co-founder of Cheerz explains “We drive footfall to our partners doors, giving them new customers who they can immediately upsell additional drinks and food to and, ultimately, convert into regulars.”

As well as being a go-to directory of what the best bars and restaurants across the city have to offer, Cheerz premium members are incentivised to visit partner venues by getting their 1st drink of the night free.

“Remember though, we want customers to stay in your venue once they arrive, so we only let them redeem 1 free drink each day; we don’t promote bar-hopping!”.


While Cheerz is set to revolutionise the Sydney bar scene with its mobile-first marketing strategy, the real secret sauce is the “smart data” it collects from its users to help venue owners better understand customer behaviour and drinking trends.

“If a bar knew the average age of their female customers was 31, and that they prefer wine after work but are more likely to drink vodka-based drinks at the weekend, then they could tailor their day-to-day promotions to attract more custom and increase profits”, says Harvey.


Here are just a few ways joining the Cheerz network will benefit your business:

  • Targeted exposure for your venue, events and promotions across the Cheerz network – young, sociable professionals with disposable income.
  • Real-time access to user demographic and offer-redemption data to help you better understand your customers and tailor your marketing and promotions to keep them coming back.
  • It’s absolutely FREE to become a Cheerz partner. The only cost to you is the drink given to the Cheerz member when they deliver them to your door!


To become a Cheerz partner and increase exposure for your venue whilst gaining valuable data insights into your customers call Jane today on 0478 104 593.

Phone: 0478 104 593 (Jane)

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