Milan Italy, Gruppo Campari Headquarters, 2010 – Cinzano, the Italian aperitif and essential cocktail ingredient has unveiled new designs for its logo, bottle and labels as it gives a modern look to the effortlessly stylish drink.

The new design maintains Cinzano’s instantly recognisable red and blue logo with its diagonal line pointing towards the future, but introduces contemporary silver in the place of gold.  The new look bottles are clean and sophisticated, introducing a more modern, slender shape through curved lines.  Each new element has been created to capture the originality and the colourful character of all the Cinzano aperitifs. 

Cinzano is available in Australia in three varieties, the classic Cinzano Bianco, Rosso, and Extra Dry.  All of Cinzano’s delicious varieties are based on Cinzano’s secret recipe, a blend of wine, sugar with an infusion of aromatic herbs. 

Cinzano was created in Turin in 1757 by two brothers, Giovanni Giacomo and Carlo Stefano Cinzano. Qualified Master Distillers they opened a small shop and the drink we now know as Cinzano soon became one of their most requested products.  New additions have been made to the Cinzano brand as it keeps pace with changing consumer needs and tastes, maintaining its role as an integral part of the Italian aperitif and the essential cocktail ingredients for refreshing and trendy cocktails.

“We are very excited to introduce the new, slender look of the Cinzano range, designed to respect its over 250 year heritage but also its stylish, sparkling personality and straightforward, genuine character,” Cesare Vandini, Group Marketing Director, Gruppo Campari said.  “Cinzano has continually renewed its look in keeping with the changing lifestyles of its consumers; its new design puts it at the heart of city evenings.”

Cinzano Bianco is fragrant and full-bodied yet delicate, with the refreshing and welcoming aroma and flavour of fresh herbs, lemon and spices. 

Exciting, rich and daring, Cinzano Rosso is dark red in colour and wrapped in intense flavours of citrus and berries, it finishes with a uniquely persistent but pleasantly bitter aftertaste. 
Round, carefree and tempting, Cinzano Extra Dry is off-dry and an inviting pale yellow.  The flavours are vibrant and alive with notes of aromatic herbs.

The new 1L bottles arrived in Australia in late May.

In Australia the new Campari team will be working on helping consumers discover Cinzano long drinks. As category leader with 86% share Cinzano wants to assist in driving category consumption. Signature drinks have been developed for the Australian market. These drinks combine the classic versatile flavours of Cinzano with contemporary mixers. Cinzano Rosso served long over ice with cranberry juice is a refreshing and easy to mix welcome cocktail. Cinzano Bianco with apple juice and cinnamon is refreshing and easy to mix. Cinzano Extra Dry served with muddled lime, sugar and ginger ale is a sensational combination of flavours.

To assist consumers to discover these long drinks the recipes are on the bottle. Shelf wobblers and table cards have been developed to highlight the easy mix ability of Cinzano.     

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