Hospitality operators seeking to provide a safe and reliable system for patrons and their drinks while they are smoking outdoors now have access to the Drink Wardrobe.

Designed and built in Norway, the Drink Wardrobe is a shelf divided into numbered sections and placed on the wall close to a venue’s exit.

Smokers can then leave their drinks on the shelf, take note of their number and know their drink will be there as it was when they return inside.

It significantly reduces the risk of staff mistakenly removing the drinks and it also increases security measures, with venue employees able to watch the shelf and ensure the drinks are untouched.

The shelf’s ideal placement at a venue’s door also means security personnel are in close range of the shelf.

Created by Norwegian industry member Joachim Raade, the Drink Wardrobe is sold in a number of colours and is made of hardened Plexiglas to protect against accidental damage.

To order a Drink Wardrobe, click here.


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