By Annette Shailer

NSW Opposition Leader Barry O’Farrell announced on Sunday (Oct 10) that a future Coalition Government would offer clubs a fair rate of gaming tax.

Under a Coalition Government, clubs would pay an estimated $2.5 billion in tax over the first four years of the next government, a reduction of $299 million on what they would pay under the existing rates.

An analysis by KPMG of the Coalition’s gaming tax rates has calculated the following benefits for NSW over the next four years:

  • 1924 new jobs annually
  • a $261 million increase in Gross State Product (GSP)
  • a $272 million increase in clubs’ social contribution to the community

In return, clubs would be required by legislation to increase their support for community and sporting groups over the next four years by an extra $89.5 million via the CDSE program (to be known as Club Grants), bringing their overall direct community support to $264 million.

ClubsNSW CEO, Anthony Ball, said the Coalition tax package recognises the crucial role clubs play in local economies and local communities.

“For many regions the club is the largest employer, the largest funder for local sporting teams and the largest supporter of local schools and community groups.

“Unfortunately clubs’ ability to play this role has suffered enormously in the six years since the club tax rates were substantially increased for our medium and large clubs.

“The job losses, the club closures and amalgamations, the $10 million in annual funding cut from NRL teams have all been well-documented.

“The good news is that clubs now have hope for a better future thanks to the Coalition’s alternative tax policy.

“By offering clubs a fair rate of gaming tax, RSL clubs will be able to better support veterans’ welfare. It’s also a boost for the live entertainment industry, local schools, charities and the aged care sector.

“In fact I can’t think of a single sector of the community and economy that doesn’t in some way benefit directly or indirectly from clubs’ generosity and investment in local communities.

“The Coalition has put together a package that allows clubs to become even stronger supporters of their local communities, and that’s a great thing for NSW,” Ball said.


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