By Sacha Delfosse

Zeta Bar has unleashed its new Autumn cocktail list, which is full of innovative and interactive concoctions created by bartending wizard, Grant Collins.

Following on from the cutting edge cocktails he created for Zeta Bar's Extreme Cabaret nights last year, Collins has again used elements of molecular mixology to design an eclectic selection of theatrical drinks.

The selection of drinks is inspired by market fresh ingredients, quality spirits and progressive interpretations on timeless classics, and the venue says guests "can expect the unexpected with deconstructed classics, edible creations and liquid nitrogen infusions".

The Guy Fawkes-inspired, gin-based Gunpowder Plot cocktail (pictured) is served straight up in a vintage martini glass that is encased in a smoking cloche with a mound of smoking gunpowder twigs and oak-scented fog.

Collins' simple summery Champagne & Strawberry Martini, made with Belvedere vodka, crème de fraise, strawberry puree and fresh citrus is topped with a champagne emulsion, while his Apple Absinth Nitro Punch uses LN2 to create a smoking punch bowl.

The new list also features an interactive twist on the classic Old Fashioned cocktail, with Collins' version containing a good dose of Buffalo Trace Bourbon encased in a frozen 'ice egg' that guests can break with a miniature hammer.

"Collins' craft mirrors that of progressive chefs such as Feran Adria, Thomas Keller and Heston Blumenthal and is evident throughout his continually evolving cocktail list," Zeta Bar says.

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  1. a big fat yawn….. amazing how the menu is so busy for the sake of being complicated, and the bartenders struggle to pump out decently made classics….

  2. Drinks look great though the ideas have been taken from Aviary, Der Raum and the like. There’s nothing wrong with that and personally I’ll look forward to trying them when next in Sydney.

  3. Loving the sound of the new drinks!
    Can’t wait to get in there and try them all.
    Great work again Grant! Cheers

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