By Andy Young

Research consultancy, Wine Intelligence, has published its third annual Global Consumer Trends report, which is based on observations by its team of analysts around the world.

The report identifies nine trends and discusses how each one has implications for the drinks industry.

Wine Intelligence CEO, Lulie Halstead, said that the report identifies that consumers are focusing more on local products as well as premium products.

"Perhaps as a reaction to globalisation, we've identified a trend we're calling 'localism'," Halstead said.

"Consumers may be citizens of a global village but they're valuing their physical local communities more and more. This has helped the cause of craft beers, artisanal spirits and even small specialist retailers."

Other trends identified in the report include "upgrade", which is inspired by how consumers are seeking out premium versions of everyday products, often at discount stores like Aldi and Lidl.

Halstead added: "We are focusing on what's happening already, sometimes at the fringes of consumer behaviour, sometimes nearer the mainstream.

"Consumer behaviour patterns are shifting all the time, and the pace of change is very rapid. Drinks marketers are undoubtedly getting better at understanding how their consumers engage with their products. But that's really just one piece in a much bigger puzzle."

Global Consumer Trends 2015 is published by Wine Intelligence and available from the Wine Intelligence Reports Shop, priced at £1,000 (approx $1,965) or two Report Credits.

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