Eric and Geoff Redmond were having problems managing the temperature within their Gaming room over the summer months.  Alfresco Spaces Ltd installed a Coolline Mist system to the louvered outside wall which created a cold curtain, cooling the air entering the gaming area.

The result has been amazing with the room benefiting from a 10 to 15 degrees drop in temperature on the hotter summer days.

The specially designed system has a high pressure pump installed in the cellar, away from the room, a supply line running to a Stainless Steel mist line with anti-drip nozzles which introduce a super fine mist, which instantly evaporates, thus cooling the air.

Being able to control the outdoor gaming room’s temperature over the hotter months has been a very profitable exercise. The plan is to install mist systems to their Hotels gaming rooms at Seven Hills and Mt Druitt.

Alfresco Spaces are the Australian Agents for Coolline Misting System. Coolline are world leaders in Misting operating since 1991     

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