By Jordan Gelbart

To mark one year of low-carb beer Coopers Clear, Coopers’ Brewery is set to launch an innovative new iPhone application – Coopers Clear Cut.

In what claims to be an Australian beer market first, the app takes advantage of Augmented Reality (AR) technology, which allows users to overlay their actual environment with a virtual environment, similar to the world record line used in swimming telecasts to identify the speed of the world record holder.

In this case, using the AR marker on promotional Coopers Clear cases, buyers can view possible prizes that they could win, including diamonds, Coopers Summer Packs, and Bigpond music downloads.

Coopers’ Brewery executive chairman, Glenn Cooper, said the anniversary of the beer’s Australia Day launch marked a good time for the promotion.

“Coopers Clear secured a strong share of the low-carbohydrate market as a unisex beer. This is something we are looking to continue through 2011 by effectively reaching our national target market in new and innovative ways, such as the Clear Cut promotion.

“We wanted the app to set us apart from the rest of the alcohol industry and recognised the importance of pushing the envelope on the technology front to achieve this,” he added.

The Coopers Clear Cut app will be available at the end of January


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