Building on the burgeoning beer and food matching trend, Coopers Brewery has launched an Ale ‘n Spice promotion aimed at the hotel and bar trade.

As part of the promotion Coopers has created a guide to help bartenders and chefs match its range of ales specifically with the spices used in food dishes.

Cam Pearce, Coopers’ national sales and marketing director, says that while there were no right or wrong answers to matching food and beer, the guide provides a useful starting point.

“Unlike lagers, naturally conditioned ales complement spice without extinguishing flavour,” Pearce says. “Based on the experience of our expert brewers, there are a few strong connections which people can try.”

Generally, the higher the International Bitterness Unit (IBU) in the Coopers Ale, the more it will enhance the spices in the food. For example, Coopers Original Pale Ale with its IBU of 24 (mid-range) is perfect for enhancing heat without being too hot. While Sparkling Ale with an IBU of 30 (Medium to high range) is suggested to accompany mild, Asian inspires dishes full of ginger and garlic as it would give a hot dish a real kick.

On the other hand Coopers Stout with an IBU of 40 (High range) works beautifully with sweet desserts full of apple and cinnamon.

Details about the guide and its matchings are available on the Coopers website.

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