By Annette Shailer

Coopers has launched a $1 million campaign to promote the answer to the age-old question of whether to tip or roll a bottle of Coopers Original Pale Ale before serving.

While the decision still lies with the customer, officially Coopers prefers the rolling process to mix the sediment.

Coopers chairman and marketing director, Glenn Cooper, said that after extensive research — some of it done late at night — rolling was found to be the preferred method of distributing the sediment.

“It’s a practice that is only applied to Coopers’ ales and has become almost an automatic response when someone is handed a bottle of Coopers Original Pale Ale,” he said.

To promote the practice and highlight the unique cloudiness of Coopers Original Pale Ale, Coopers has launched a $1 million advertising campaign in South Australia.

The biggest campaign for Coopers Pale Ale to date will include radio coverage, on-premise, off-premise promotions and outdoor advertisements.

The cheeky, fun campaign is supported by Coopers’ quirky new website.

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