Following successful trials, Coopers Brewery has released Coopers Dry 3.5, a less alcoholic version of its popular full-strength lager.

A limited run of the new beer was trialled over six months, which saw Coopers Dry 3.5 become one of the top mid-strength brands in NSW independent retail, and a ‘top 10 brand at several mining sites in WA’, according to the brewery.

Kate Dowd, Coopers National Marketing Manager, believes the beer responds to consumer demands for lower strength offerings.

“We’ve seen significant growth in this beer category around the country and it was time to offer Australian drinkers a new high-quality option to satisfy their thirst for mid-strength lagers,” Dowd said.

“In independent retailers, mid-strength now accounts for more than 30 per cent of beer volume.”

Although Coopers already produces Mild Ale, a mid-strength ale, Dry 3.5 is thought to be the first mid-strength lager in the brewery’s long history.

“Our portfolio already features one of Australia’s favourite mid-strength ales in Coopers Mild Ale, however we know that retailers and consumers have been asking for the great Coopers taste in a lower alcohol lager and we’re pleased to answer the call,” Dowd  explained.

“Coopers is fortunate to have some of the most passionate beer fans in Australia and we take their ideas for new products seriously.”

Coopers Dry 3.5 contains three grams of carbohydrates, 90 calories and is bottled at 3.5 per cent ABV. The beer will be available in 375ml cans in six packs and cartons.

The RRP for Coopers Dry 3.5 is $48 per carton and $16 per six-pack.

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