By Annette Shailer

World renowned Australian brewing family, Coopers Brewery, launched their latest product, Coopers Clear, just in time for the Australia Day celebrations yesterday.

Coopers Clear is a refreshing new low-carbohydrate beer that has been brewed and styled to allow mainstream beer drinkers the opportunity to enjoy the ‘Coopers experience’.

Full-strength, Coopers Clear is a light golden colour with a creamy white head and a crisp, refreshing style, and claims to be perfect for Australia’s hot summer weather.


Coopers executive chairman, Glenn Cooper, said Coopers Clear will complement the already successful range of Coopers beers within the marketplace.

“Traditional Coopers beer drinkers enjoy a full-flavoured beer. Coopers Clear is a refreshing, lively beer. It’s perfectly brewed and styled to give all beer drinkers access to the Coopers passion for quality and taste,” he said.

“We see Coopers Clear as the next generation in Coopers products. We are excited to offer something that is new, yet will remain with Coopers’ tradition of quality, allowing us to cater for a broader range of drinkers.”

Family-owned Coopers has been brewing a range of beer products since 1862.

Coopers Clear is available now in a clear 355ml bottle, a new Euro-sleek can, and on-tap.  

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