This week, South Australia’s Coopers Brewery’s newest member of the Ale family, Extra Pale Ale (XPA), is rolling into pubs across Australia.

Following on from its successful launch at the Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPcular (GABS) – one of the best beer festivals in the world, XPA has now been released in keg format and is available nationally.

Sitting somewhere between an American Pale Ale and an Indian Pale Ale, XPA is a recent evolving US beer style that is gaining momentum in the Australian market, with the key difference being the use of American Hop varieties.

Coopers Marketing and Innovation Director, Cam Pearce, says that “Coopers XPA is all about the ‘extra’ hop flavour whilst being well balanced and easy to drink”.

“The brewers have chosen a combination of Simcoe and Lemondrop hops which provide bright citrus undertones with aromas of grapefruit, lemon and a hint of mandarin to achieve the optimal bitterness level,” explains Cam.

Coopers XPA is a very smooth, well-balanced beer with citrus hop characters and s naturally conditioned and free of preservatives with an ABV of 5.2% – slightly higher than Coopers original pale ale.

This latest addition to their line-up brings Coopers total collection of ales to seven, excluding seasonal releases.

With XPA being a relatively new brew to the Australian market, Coopers believes it can influence its progression in Australia.

“It is still developing and enjoying strong growth as a category within the industry worldwide and by introducing a high-quality example of this style of beer to the Australian market, it gives us a chance to be one of the first to do so,” Cam said.

“We believe we have the opportunity to influence how the category progresses in Australia by providing a high-quality example of this style of beer with high drinkability.”

Proudly South Australian, Coopers is a brewing family who have dedicated more than 150 years to the art of brewing. It began in 1862 when Thomas Copper brewed his first batch of ale and since then, six generations have been custodians of the proud legacy. To this day, their unique naturally conditioned ales and stouts are enjoyed around the world.

For more information on Coopers XPA or to get your hands on a keg, please contact your Coopers or Premium Beverages Representative.

Premium Beverages: (03) 9245 1900 |

Coopers Brewery Customer Orders (SA only): (08) 8440 1844

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