By James Atkinson

The arrival of Coors in Australia will be celebrated with a trade event in Sydney this Thursday at the Coogee Bay Hotel.  

The beer its makers claim is the “world’s most refreshing” entered the Australian market today along Molson Coors stablemate Blue Moon, which was unveiled to the trade late last month.

CCA Australian Beverages boss John Murphy this morning told TheShout that Coors is a “more ‘sessionable’ product that appeals to the younger drinker”. 

“There’s this phenomenon of the more sessionable beers, which have been the dry beers, low carb beers, ‘trade up’ beers. Coors will definitely play in that market.”

Coors’ trademark cold certified bottle indicates when the beer is super cold by turning the Rocky Mountains blue in colour, which Murphy expects will resonate strongly with consumers in Australia’s hot climate.

“Coming from the Rocky Mountains Colorado, the whole positioning around having it at ‘peak cold’ is a great tagline,” Murphy said.

Molson Coors general Manager of Australasia David Coors will attend this Thursday’s launch event along with key international Molson Coors personnel, including Brett Vye, chief commercial officer for Molson Coors International.

Vye said: “This is a market that we’ve always thought was a great fit for our beers. Our initial focus will be on Coors and Blue Moon Belgian White (pictured right), but there are plenty of supplementary brands that could be introduced in time.” 

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  1. About time that Coors came to Australia,
    I go to the USA on business quite often and the best beer is Coors heavy and Coors light, its the only beer i drink in the USA,
    when i come back home to Australia all i find in the bottle shops here is that Miller & Bud beer and that tastes like horse crap, where can i buy Coors from here in Qld

  2. All well and good about Coors but where the hell can you buy it? I have tried 20 different places and no one has it!! Pointless to launch a product and then don’t have it available for sale. Where is it!!!

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