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The relocation of fifth generation Coors family member, David Coors (pictured) to Australia demonstrates Molson Coors' strong commitment to its new distribution partnership with Coca-Cola Amatil, according to the US company's senior executives. 

David Coors moved to Sydney earlier this month and has become general manager of Molson Coors' Australasian operations.

He was joined last week by his father, Molson Coors chairman Pete Coors, the company's president Kandy Anand and chief commercial officer Brett Vye on a roadshow to meet with some of CCA's Australian customers.

"That shows the commitment of the family, this is truly an important market and an important partnership for us," Anand told TheShout.

Pete Coors said he had been impressed with CCA's execution in the Australian accounts he had visited.

"Both the on-trade and off-trade have been well merchandised, they've done a great job of bringing awareness to the brand," he said.

"But we're not yet everywhere we'd like to be. We need to expand our retail base."

Coors said son David was the ideal candidate for the Australian job, detailing his impressive CV that includes an undergraduate degree in Engineering at Ivy League school Cornell University, an MBA plus a masters in Manufacturing Management and extensive experience both inside the Coors business and outside, in the oil and gas industry.

"I don't let the kids come back to the business straight away," Coors said. [continues below]

L-R: Molson Coors' Pete Coors, Kandy Anand, David Coors and Brett Vye

The chairman acknowledged the Australian beer market has its challenges, which he is confident of overcoming given the positioning of the Coors and Blue Moon brands.

"It's very similar to other highly developed markets – US, Canada, the UK. People seem to be drinking a little less beer. Part of it seems to be this craft beer revolution, where people like drinking craft beer but they don't drink as much volumetrically as they used to," he said.

Still in talks with Woolies: David Coors

The Molson Coors brands have benefited from strong initial distribution through independent and Coles retail outlets, David Coors told TheShout.

"Coles accepted new product in December, which is not something they usually do, so we had instant distribution across all the 1st Choice stores, which was a great way for us to get a bit of awareness," he said. 

"We're still having discussions with Woolworths."

Coors said Australian consumers are receiving the beer very well, with an uplift in sales through certain stores.

"Initially it was retailers saying 'I'll take a couple of cases because I don't know if this will sell'," he said.

"Well their next order is five cases, their next order is 20 cases, so we've seen growth across the country with both brands, Coors and Blue Moon."

In the on-premise, Coors said the brands are in 500-plus venues.

"Without Coors being on draught it's a bit tough in the on-premise, so we're hoping to have that further down the road this year," he said.

"We're strictly trying to get bucket promotions so that people are aware – five Coors for $20."

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  1. haha i wouldn’t pay $5 for a coors light no matter where i was. though when i’m in the US it’s my cheap beer of choice. note the word cheap.

  2. First tasted Coors at the 1988 world expo in Brisbane. Only found it again in the Philippines last year,then 2 weeks ago found some in my local pub .Grabbed a carton the next day.It is the BEST tasting beer i have ever drank,and i have sampled quite a few world wide. Ihave asked the manager of my local RSL to aquire a carton for me . He is and getting another to sell across the bar. Ihave already given some to my son in law and he is a convert . Hopefully i can introduce more people to Coors. Iive in a small country town, but we do enjoy a beer or three.
    Cheers Take Care.
    (PS,can you let me know where i can aquire some Coors merchandise?.)

  3. As an Aussie married to a Canadian, she has told me how great a Molson Canadian is… Sadly one can not find a single Molson beer anywhere! Believe me, I have looked around and online everywhere.
    If anyone knows where one can get Molson Canadian beer in South Australia or online in Australia… would be greatfull! 🙂

  4. Hi there
    I just found out that BWS here in Broome WA will not be stocking coors anymore.
    Whats going on ?
    Where can I get coors in Broome WA ?
    Oh can you please send me some merchandise

  5. Hi, there’s a BWS on Bondi road here in Sydney that stocks Molson Canadian. They sell a 24 for 55 bucks and a 6 pack for 19. First place I’ve found in Australia that had it in stock.

    Cheers eh 🙂

  6. hi there found molson canadian at dan murphy,s at christmas but sold out pretty quick have been unable to get any since when is it going to be avaiable again.great beer.

  7. Coors without a doubt is my favourite beer, as well as being always available and more than competitively well priced

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