By James Atkinson

Former Corona distributor Foster's says it can't be held responsible for a possible shortage of the beer reported by some independent liquor retailers.

Foster's reportedly moved up to 1.7 million cartons of discounted Corona in a frenzied day of sales after learning that brand owner Grupo Modelo would be moving its business to Lion.

Amid rumbles among independents that their needs may have been overlooked, a Foster's spokesman today pointed out that the company was given only 24 hours notice that its 22-year relationship with Modelo was finished.

"In the time available, we distributed what we could in an even and equitable manner," he told TheShout.
"We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience, however, there was very little we could do given the time constraints."

Garry Hastings, general manager of Grupo Modelo Oceania Region, today told TheShout there is stock on the water on its way to Lion.

"And we're working with Foster's to transition what stock they haven't sold to Lion," he added.

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  1. I tend to differ with Fosters story . I work for an Independent Brand and rang the Friday it was announced and was told there was NO distribution of Corona .

    But they managed to despatch to the big boys being Coles & Woolworths !!!

  2. Firstly, fosters never had a good price on corona and got what they deserved..if people are complaining about not having corona for below $42 they arent trying that hard to get it…Plenty of corona out there at the moment, not sure what this is all about.

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