On Monday (Feb 2) TheShout published a story on new excises for spirits and RTDs only, saying they did not apply to beer or wine. However, we have since been informed that Australian Taxation Office excise increases apply across all categories of alcohol, including wine and beer, effective Feb 1, 2009.

The excise on packaged beer has increased by 0.89 per cent across the board. The excise on draught beer with an ABV less then 3 per cent has increased by 0.87 per cent, while the excise on draught beer with an ABV greater than 3 per cent has increased by 0.91 per cent.

Wine falls under a value-based tax so is linked directly to wholesale prices. The category therefore undergoes natural prices increases.

apologies for any confusion the original report may have caused our readers.

The Shout Team

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