By Ian Neubauer and Anentte Shailer

The Coogee Bay and Beach Palace hotels in Sydney have become the latest targets in a push by authorities to limit trading hours and encourage ‘lock-ins’ at NSW hotels.

The move follows an unprecedented ruling by the NSW Liquor Administration Board (LAB) to limit trading hours and the sale of high alcohol drinks at 15 Newcastle hotels. The ruling followed longstanding allegations by Newcastle Police that late-night trading had led to a scourge of property damage and anti-social behaviour that had turned Newcastle city residents into prisoners in their own homes after dark.

The action in Coogee is being spearheaded by the Randwick Council and Maroubra Police, which are in the process of making a joint submission to the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing to impose a curfew on the two hotels.

The Coogee Bay and Beach Palace hotels currently trade until 6:00am and 3:00am respectively. The proposed changes will prevent consumers from entering either hotel after 1:00am. It is suggested the action will severely limit the number of individuals who flock to the beachside suburb to patronise the hotels after midnight on weekends and curb late-night disturbances, street crime and violence both inside and outside the hotels.

The Coogee Bay Hotel topped a recent review by the NSW Bureau of Crime and Statistics of the most frequently reported assault incidents at licensed premises in the state.

Coogee Bay Hotel Group Marketing and Communications Manager, Gil Avenaim, said at the time the report not take into consideration the higher patronage the hotel experiences in comparison to other pubs.

“Putting things into perspective, it stands to reason that the more popular you are, the more patrons you attract to the hotel and therefore the chances of the odd incident occurring increases. That doesn’t automatically make us a ‘violent’ pub,” Avenaim said.


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