By Clyde Mooney, editor Australian Hotelier

Craft beer played an integral role in establishing Australia's burgeoning artisanal cider market, according to the owner of Melbourne venue, Cider House.

Cider House owner Ben Day told TheShout craft beer has firmly established its market share over the last seven years and has opened people's minds to trying independently-produced products.

"This has opened the door beautifully for the craft market of cider; these local cider-makers are creative and push the boundaries of market trends, and patrons are able to identify easily with them and share their passion for the quality of product they produce," said Day.

"Our role in this industry is to educate customers about what cider is, what it has been and what it can be – a blend of current market trends with the old artisan cultures of cider production and the many ciders produced by different countries around the world."

IBISWorld research says the cider industry surpassed $300 million in 2012, having averaged 19.1 per cent growth since 2006, with forecasts for compound annualised growth 2012-2017 of 13 per cent.

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