Craft Beer Rising 2015, on Saturday February 28, is the second annual day celebrating the brewers and beers that have revolutionised Australian drinking habits in recent years. 

Launched by The Crafty Pint in February 2014, it features a diverse array of colourful events from a community cricket match and brewer challenges to new brewery launches, mystery tours and even a display of the art of cooperage.

“We launched Craft Beer Rising as a fun way to bring beer lovers together with their local brewers and to raise the profile of the fast-growing industry we love,” says Crafty Pint founder James Smith.

“The take up was amazing with 100 events all over the country, including the launch of new breweries and other beer businesses. We’ve got more new brewery and beer launches for 2015 as well as some really creative events everywhere from Perth to Ballarat to Toowoomba to Launceston.”

The full list of events can be found on the Craft Beer Rising website – – with more being added every day.

“We’re also encouraging people to take friends along to discover craft beer for the first time,” says Smith. “And, if they don’t have a local brewery or good beer bar nearby, to take their favourite beer along to share with the owners of their local pub to entice them to give craft beer a go.”

Craft Beer Rising is on February 28 with events in every state and ACT too.

It is supported by Bintani, Cryer Malt and Good Beer Week 2015.

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