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The release of one of the craft beer industry’s strongest beers, Feral Tusk which features an ABV of 12.1 per cent, is once again being celebrated throughout craft beer venues nationally.

Feral Tusk is released in kegs twice a year from the Western Australia brewery and is immediately shipped across the country using refrigerated transport to maintain its freshness.

Mick Bain, the publican at craft beer venue Royal Albert Hotel in Sydney’s Surry Hills, said Tusk Day continues to represent a very special day in the calendar for his customers.

“Tusk has been around for about four or five years and is a big Imperial IPA that is bloody fresh as it only four days old after coming over from Swan Valley in Western Australia. We let everyone know about it through social media and it's usually gone pretty quickly.”

Bain said it is definitely one of the strongest beers that he sells in a year and is the only beer that is dedicated to its own day.

“A lot of other beers have launches, but there is nothing like Tusk Day,” Bain said.

The Tusk Imperial IPA features an even higher level of hops and alcohol than traditional IPAs which feature higher ABVs than other beers within the craft beer category. The current Feral Tusk is 12.1 per cent ABV, compared to its predecessor released in March which was 12.8 per cent ABV. Tusk has been described as “offensively bitter, but begins slightly sweet, with an aroma of passionfruit and pineapple”.

Tusk Day has been celebrated around the country at different venues over the last couple of weeks, and if you are lucky you might still find it available at some.

Tusk – Western Australia

  • Clancy’s Fish Pub – Fremantle
  • El Grotto
  • Feral Brewpub
  • Old Faithful Bar & BBQ
  • Petition
  • Sail and Anchor
  • Strange Company
  • The Bird
  • The Flying Scotsman

Tusk – South Australia

  • The Gilbert Street Hotel
  • Tusk Day – Victoria – Tuesday 29 November
  • Alehouse Project
  • Beer DeLuxe (Federation Square)
  • Boilermaker House
  • Carwyn Cellars
  • Royston Hotel
  • The Local Taphouse (St Kilda)

Tusk – New South Wales

  • Beach Club Collaroy
  • Blind Bear
  • Forest Lodge Hotel
  • Royal Albert Hotel
  • The Welcome Hotel
  • Union Hotel (Newtown)

Tusk – Newcastle

  • Grain Store
  • The Blind Monk

Tusk – ACT 

  • Transit Bar

Tusk – Queensland

  • Hoo Ha Bar

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