By James Atkinson

Educating consumers to drink less, but drink better beer, is an important platform of the new Craft Beer Industry Association (CBIA), James Squire brewmaster Dr Chuck Hahn has told TheShout exclusively.

Hahn, one of the CBIA's new board members in the category of national craft brewery, told TheShout that he believes health authorities are supportive of growing craft beer "because it does preach moderation".

"We make some good quality 'national' beers, they're refreshing and they're enjoyable," he said.

"But people are drinking less of them now because they are drinking more of our real flavoursome beers. We're trying to get people to really taste these craft beers rather than drink volumes of them."

Despite now working for brewing giant Lion, Hahn said he could relate exactly to the concerns and priorities of the CBIA's microbrewery members, having started out as a small player himself.

"When I started the Hahn brewery back in 1988 I actually formed the first Small Brewers Association along with Willie Simpson and Blair Hayden," he said.

Hahn said the old association had lobbied the Federal Government without success to win tax breaks for microbreweries, so the recent Budget announcement of excise reforms was fantastic news for the industry. 

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  1. Hey Chuck how about promoting more Aussie imperial IPAs like the US? We now have Ballast point & Sierra Torpedo that sit around 7% that have true flavour. There are no comparative Aussie IPAs.

    If promoting drink less how about providing better options on strength of beers? And served in smaller glass sizes.

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