Crazy Bastard launches its 357 Pale Ale, a mid-strength, full-flavoured, malt driven pale ale.

Australian brewer, CB Beer Company, launches its mid-strength Crazy Bastard 357 Pale Ale, a low bitterness, full-flavoured, malt driven style pale ale that’s sure to have wide appeal.

At the heart of Crazy Bastard is a sense of adventure and making the most out of life. Fundamentally, Crazy Bastard stands for something real, something meaningful, and this is what people are looking for more and more.

It’s about having the passion, determination, enthusiasm and that little bit of individuality to go for your dreams. It’s about being a little daring and pushing the boundaries a little, and we think there’s a little bit of Crazy Bastard in everybody.


And the Crazy Bastard brewing objective? Simple says founder and CEO, Simon Lang. Make seriously enjoyable beers! And our first beer to be commercially released is the Crazy Bastard 357, a delicious mid-strength pale ale.

Crazy Bastard is all about the adventure, so make the most out of life and free the Crazy Bastard within.



Brad Garvin from Mobo Group, our t-shirt logistics guys and gals, sporting a Crazy Bastard T-Shirt.

For further information about how to get Crazy Bastard into your store or venue, phone CB Beer Company on +61 412 086 538, email or visit

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