With the Water Micron Atmospheric Water Generator you can make up to 30 litres at once of environmentally friendly, pure, fresh drinking water from air.

The generator is ideal for pubs, bars, office complexes, hospitals, schools or any facility dispensing fresh drinking water – even your own home.

Unlike other water machines there is no bottle change or waiting time for water deliveries. It simply generates great tasting; chemically free water from the atmosphere.

All chemical compounds are eliminated during the filtration and UV sterilization process.

A similar size to the average water machine it will fit neatly in a designated space.

The Water Micron AWG-30 Atmospheric Water Generator uses minimal electricity. Using the latest sophisticated technology available, the AWG-30 will produce up to 30 litres of water per day, depending on humidity and temperature, FROM AIR.

By using this machine we can reduce the impact on our water storage systems. With no plastic bottle dispenser, we are also reducing the carbon footprint associated with production and delivery of water in plastic bottles.

The AWG-30 will dispense both chilled fresh drinking water and boiling hot water at the touch of a button. The “Hot” feature has a child proof lock out to prevent scalding. The system is fitted with an automatic recirculation procedure to ensure stored water remains fresh.

Fitted with state of the art technology, including electronic sensors, electrostatic air filter, a multi-stage filtration system, reverse osmosis membrane and UV sterilization, the Water Micron AWG-30 will provide 99.8% pure drinking water “from air”.

To operate at its full potential, ideally humidity will be above 50%. If humidity level is below 50%, the AWG-30 will still make water; however will take a little longer to fill the storage tanks.

In extremely cold conditions, the AWG-30 can be connected to tap water and it will produce high quality purified water due to the sophisticated filtration and sterilization processes.

The water was recently tested for purity by ALS Laboratories in Melbourne. The quality of the water far surpassed the level set under Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, 1996.

It’s priced at just $1995 and available in white and brushed silver finishes.

It was only a matter of a few years ago that a microwave oven was a luxury; however it is now hard to imagine a business or home without one. The same will occur with the AWG-30 producing safe, environmentally friendly water.

For further information, please contact Kevin Smith on 03 9889 6542 or visit www.watermicron-australia.com

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