By James Atkinson

Little Creatures has released a Saison as the 14th edition of its popular Single Batch series.

The brewer said the Saison was inspired by a challenge from Lion stablemate brewery Emerson's of New Zealand, to produce a new style of beer using unfamiliar techniques and ingredients.

"As part of the challenge, we each sent a team across the Tasman to help make the beer, as well as to share learnings and develop both our skills and relationship with Emerson’s," Little Creatures said.

L-R Creatures' Russell Gosling and Richard Emerson

Little Creatures said the outcome was "a well-balanced beer with a surprisingly complex palate". 

It will be available only in kegged format due to some complexities that arose during the brewing process.

"After intense testing of our next single batch Saison pint bottles, our expectations are that the C02 levels will exceed the amount that is suitable to our product packaging standards, at some unknown point in time," said head brewer, Russell Gosling. 

"As a result, we won’t be releasing the brew in Pint bottles as planned, but on tap at all good craft beer venues around the country."

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