By Andy Young

Carlton and United Breweries and the Electrical Trades Union (ETU) and Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) have finally ended their long-running dispute over maintenance workers at the Abbotsford brewery.

The dispute centred around 55 workers who the unions said were sacked without notice, a claim CUB denied. The agreement sees all those workers invited to return to work at their previous positions at the Abbotsford brewery on fair and decent union terms and conditions, which provide job security to the workers.    

In a statement about the agreement, CUB said: “All parties agreed to productivity and efficiency improvements that will be implemented at the brewery. CUB and the Unions have mapped out a better approach based on mutual respect, productivity and a shared passion to make the best beers with the best skilled workers.  

“The ETU and AMWU have called for an immediate end of the ongoing boycott and are encouraging their supporters to return to drinking the full range of CUB beers and ciders.  

“All parties are pleased to resolve this dispute and to refocus their attention on working together to brew the best beers in Victoria.”

The Australian Council of Trade Unions Secretary David Oliver, was understandably delighted to see an agreement reached, which he described as “a huge win for the union movement”.

“This is an historic win for the union movement and all our supporters,” Oliver said.

“We are glad to finally be able to end the boycott on CUB products, which are once again proudly union made at Abbotsford. I’m sure that with Christmas and New Year right around the corner our members and supporters will be relieved to hear that CUB is back on the menu.”

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