By Clyde Mooney

In a move designed to support its customers in getting the best out of their draught beer, Australia's biggest brewer has released the '20 Steps to Draught Success'.

Carlton United Brewers says the '20 steps' initiative also aims to remind trade customers that the brewer's draught beer specialists can provide them with assistance.

Master brewer John Cozens told TheShout that the quality of draught beer in the trade in Australia is generally very high.

"[But] one mistake we do see quite often relates to multiple coupling or 'banking' of kegs, which is quite common, especially in venues with higher turnover," he said.

"It is important that beer is completely run out regularly before tapping fresh kegs, so that the beer being served is always 'brewery fresh'."

"CUB's draught beer customers understand that beer is a food product.

"Unlike package beer, draught beer does come into contact with many components on the way from the keg to the consumer. Hygienically clean keg couplers, adaptors and fittings, beer lines, beer taps and beer glasses are at the heart of great draught beer," Cozens said.

The '20 Steps to Draught Success' will be supported by a suite of resources:
– Illustrated cellar charts
– A5 booklet: 'The 20 steps to Draught Success'
– Beer log book to document system-related cleaning and repairs; and
– Smarterpour spare parts catalogue listing specific parts for basic in-house repairs.

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