Carlton & United Breweries (CUB), in partnership with digital platform FANZO, is launching two new footy tipping programs for the 2022 AFL and NRL seasons.

Carlton Draught AFL Footy Tipping will launch in up to 250 venues across Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, while VB NRL Footy Tipping will launch in New South Wales venues.

The tech-led programs have been designed to engage footy fans all season long and drive foot traffic in venues through on-premise rewards, while making footy tipping better and easier, according to CUB.

The programs use a digital mechanic via the FANZO mobile app to simplify the tipping process and maximise the number of players tipping in a venue’s league.

“The pandemic has, needless to say, had a real impact on the hospitality industry. We’re excited to be working with some of Australia’s best-known brands in CUB, AFL and NRL to help bring footy fans back into their local venues,” said Jono Richards, head of FANZO in Australia.

“This program takes the best parts of traditional in-venue footy tipping and combines that with the reach and connectivity of a digital platform, to create a program that’s going to drive significant value for venues and footy fans.”

CUB General Manager of Sales, Peter Bingeman, said, “Leveraging our classic beer brands and their sports partnerships to give footy fans the ultimate pub footy tipping experience is a long-awaited initiative.

“We are committed to continually providing our publican partners ways of creating value, and digital technology has an important role to play now and into the future.

“We’re pleased to be delivering a tool publicans can personalise to their venue’s needs and use to keep patrons coming in for a weekly tip and staying for a cold Carlton Draught or VB, as a much-loved on-premise ritual.”

The platform allows venues and publicans to record the scores of their existing paper tippers and integrate the results using the digital format.

Venues also have access to a tipping hub where they can manage their tipping league, print promotional material and add bespoke rewards.

The programs are powered by an automated prize system that gives tippers a chance to win during every round of the season.

With Carlton Draught AFL Footy Tipping, players are rewarded for tipping it true. If a player tips a winner and margin correctly, they will win a free pot of Carlton Draught instantly to redeem at their local. If they tip the margin within a kick (6 points) they win a pot to gift to a mate to increase patronage and shared occasions.

In VB NRL Footy Tipping, players will earn a free schooner of VB for submitting their tips from inside their local venue. If they choose to submit their tips from home, they’ll win a 2-for-1 schooner offer that can be redeemed in their local venue.

All rewarded complimentary beer offers expire before the following round starts to drive mid-week traffic and keep players engaged across the season.

Both games are now live on the FANZO app.

If you would like to learn more about VB NRL or Carlton Draught AFL Footy Tipping,
please contact your CUB sales representative. If you have any further questions
about FANZO or the partnership with CUB please contact Jono Richards at

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