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Carlton United Brewers (CUB) has launched Victoria Pale Lager ahead of the summer season and plans an extensive marketing campaign around its roll-out.

Brewed using 100 percent pale malt, the promotion will stress the lager’s easy-drinking appeal and its interesting bottle design.

“Aussie drinkers have been crying out for a really refreshing beer that still delivers on flavour”, said Andy Meldrum, general manager of marketing.

“Vic Pale is the perfect choice to enjoy at the start of the night, when you’re relaxing with your mates and catching up on the week’s events over a few beers.”

Victoria Pale Lager will be packaged in a green glass bottle, specially crafted for the new brew, which draws inspiration from the masculine shape of the traditional stubby, but takes it to a new premium space.

The stubby shaped bottle features the Victoria Pale Lager logo embossed into the glass of the bottle.

A small neck label has also been added to provide additional information on the beer, complementing the overall design.

“Whether you’re kicking-back in the sun, catching-up with friends or just after a great tasting, easy-drinking beer, then Vic Pale is the answer. The brew is top notch and the bottle is unique; we reckon it will be a big hit with Aussie drinkers,” continued Meldrum.

The beer will be launched with an extensive marketing campaign.

Billboards and other outdoor media will command the majority of the marketing spend, along with a comprehensive point-of-sale program.

Sampling and PR will support the activity, aiming to build word-of-mouth and ambassadorship for the brew as it hits the shelves.

Victoria Pale Lager is lower in carbohydrates than regular beers, and includes no artificial ingredients.

It is a full strength beer with an ABV of 4.4 percent.

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  1. after trying pale ale we dicided to buy another carton from our local pub
    we were not happy with the taste of the ale we bought this time the ale was very different in taste
    we talked to our local to which we purchased the carton of pale ale and we where advisedn to contact your company and inform you of this matter
    could you give us reason for the changed taste

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