CUB has announced the return of legendary Queensland beer brand Power’s 35 years after it was the first beer was brewed. 

Born during the Australian beer wars of the 1980s, Yatala Brewery and the Power’s brand was established by publican Bernie Power, quicking capturing a significant chunk of the Queensland beer market. 

Power’s beer (first released as a Bitter) has not been available regularly since the early 2000s. CUB states that the new Power’s Ultra Smooth Lager has been in the works for two years, and is ‘a modern take on a true classic.’

CUB Queensland State Manager, Ian Giles, commented on the rerelease:

“The relaunch of the Power’s brand marks the return of a Queensland icon that celebrated our underdog spirit and showed the rest of Australia there was nothing we couldn’t do.

“It was so popular that it sold out on day one and never returned to full stock, smashing all expectations to eventually capture about 20 per cent of the Queensland beer market.”

Giles believes the timing is perfect for this beer to re-enter the market. 

“People are yearning for simpler times, the pandemic is almost over and Queensland is well and truly open for business. Now is the right time to relaunch the Power’s brand so a new generation of beer lovers can enjoy this uniquely Queensland beer.”

The beer will be brewed at its original home, the Yatala brewery established by Power. The founder himself welcomed the beer’s comeback. 

“I am absolutely chuffed to see the Power’s brand returning. When I sold the brewery to CUB in 1993, we were more focused on the future of our staff than we were on the future of the brand. So to see it return, and hear what it means to people, has been a wonderful thing,” Power said. 

The new Power’s will have a design that pays homage to the brand’s history in south east Queensland, while the flavour is described as ‘smooth and crisp’ with a ‘slight bitterness balanced by a light rounded body’ and a ‘slight malt sweetness’. The liquid has been specifically created for the Sunshine State’s warmer temperatures, and clocks in at four per cent ABV. 

A significant milestone in Power’s history, and the history of Queensland sports, came when the brand sponsored the newly formed Brisbane Broncos in their first season in 1988. This partnership would continue until 1993, and included the Broncos’ premiership win in 1992. 

John Ribot, first CEO of the Broncos, welcomed the return of Power’s and said that both the beer and the football team had been born out of the same Queensland state of mind. 

 “Power’s and the Brisbane Broncos were built on shared philosophies – a bunch of intrepid, gutsy Queenslanders with a whole lot of front and can-do attitude who ended up changing the state forever.

“Bernard privately provided the seed capital to the fledgling Broncos and the players took the Power’s partnership to another level. Alfie Langer once nominated himself Power’s customer service manager, turning up to customers’ houses with a six-pack.”

And the relaunched beer has fans in the Brisbane on-premise too, with owner of the Pineapple Hotel, Bob Singleton, saying: “Queensland is ready for the return of a state-based brand and Power’s is a brand that is Queensland to its core. Power’s is simply a great story that will bring back great memories for people of when Queenslanders got a unique beer they could truly call their own.”

“But I’m just as excited about how good it tastes. The new liquid in the bottle is as good as the story behind it!”

Power’s Ultra Smooth Lager will be available on tap and in stubbies across Queensland from mid-February. 

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