By Andy Young

Carlton and United Breweries (CUB) has brewed a heritage beer under the famous Tooth's banner, relaunching Tooth's Pale Ale.

CUB has heavily researched the history of the Tooth's Brewery and that passion and heritage underpins everything the company has done in relaunching Tooth's.

Tim Ovadia, CUB's head of craft and Australian premium brands, told TheShout: "This is part of our commitment, we're passionate about beer and passionate about growing the beer category and so part of that commitment is to keep innovating and giving consumers things that keep them interested in beer.

"Right now you only have to look at what is going on in the craft category and see that consumers are looking for beers that have local provenance stories and they are also interested in different styles of beer again. So we thought that what we could do is tap into our rich history as a brewery; we've acquired a number of breweries over the years and one of them was Tooth's and Co.

"Tooth's and Co has a really rich history, particularly in inner-city New South Wales and we're finding that consumers in these areas what to reconnect with brands like this."

Although the initial launch is Tooth's Pale Ale, a style of beer popular among craft breweries, Ovadia added that CUB does not consider this to be a craft beer.

Records indicate that Tooth’s Pale Ale was first produced in around 1850 until 1915 and was then produced as TB Pale Ale from 1918 until 1934. The new beer has been inspired by the original brew, but with a modern twist.

Brewer Scott Vincent told TheShout: "When you're resurrecting a brand like this the aim is definitely to make a beer that is approachable and that people really want to drink. 

"In looking at people's palate preferences we found that many are looking for a beer that doesn't linger too long on the palate so we brought down the bitterness and we have a more English-style Pale Ale. It’s a classic pale ale which is certainly an on trend beer style; gaining more interest and trial from drinkers."

In its research of the Tooth's brand, CUB realised that the original family had come from Kent in the UK and as a result the new brew is made with East Kent Golding hops sourced from the UK. The beer also features Pride of Ringwood hops, plus dry hopping with Galaxy and Centennial hops. The aroma and taste are described as “sweet malt balanced with soft bitterness and a fruity dry finish”.

Although Ovadia wouldn't rule out the beer going into bottles in the future he emphasised that initially the plan is to engage with the beer's heritage and history and focus on it as a draught-only product. In terms of its draught presentation CUB has gone with a 500ml serving in an old-style glass adorned with a handle and the Tooth's and Co red horse logo (pictured above).

Tooth’s Pale Ale is 4.2 per cent ABV, with a 12 IBU bitterness rating and it will be available on tap in a limited number of venues across NSW over coming months.

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