Justin Boseley travelled the world for ten years, stints in Europe and the Caribbean fostered a palate for the worlds’ finest rums.  The well-travelled reader may note a resemblance between Justin’s’ business name and one of Barcelona’s most vibrant streets….. for very good reason: As while one day, sipping on one of Venezuela’s finest in a Tapas bar facing La Rambla, he decided to utilise his knowledge and expertise to begin importing fine rums into Australia. 
Enter La Rumbla; Justin’s newly incorporated importation business specialising in bringing boutique rums to our shores boasting the full line of Cubaney Dominican Rum. He has established an online store where rum lovers can read, review and order their favourite drop. Justin is also available via the website email to make arrangements to stock wholesalers or resellers.


LaRumbla Imports has warehousing and distribution channels set-up in Sydney to ensure quality customer service and prompt delivery times. He has also been working to get the line stocked in select bars and outlets around Australia. He is also actively sourcing other labels to provide rum enthusiasts with a wider choice in boutique rum. 
Justin says, “I’m looking forward to giving people a quality rum experience. First rum was a passion for me, then an obsession, and now it’s my profession.” Imported from the Dominican Republic, Cubaney rum is ranked in the Top 10 rums in the region, winning internationally acclaimed gold medals on several occasions. Cubaney is produced by one of the most well-known rum making family’s (the Oliver’s)  who began producing rum in the early 19th century in Cuba; earning a place amongst the world’s best producers by the late 1860s. The Cuban revolution halted the family’s’ production and saw them flee far and wide across the world. It was not until the 1980s that the original formulas were discovered and the family began reproducing this fine rum with the help of Cuban Maestros Roneros in the Dominican Republic.
With a very impressive 10 aged bottles in the range to choose from, a 3 year Anejo Oro up to the gold medal Centenario this will be sure to cater to everyone’s tastes. 
For further information please contact:

La Rumbla Imports
Justin Boseley
Telephone: +61 (0) 448 0448 60

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