In celebration of Margarita Month, Curatif has released a limited-edition Masterita Box with six canned Margarita flavours, available throughout February.

The box contains 12 ready-to-serve Margaritas in six flavours; Salted Blueberry, Pineapple, Cherry, Blue, Mango, and Mezcalita.

The flavours reflect the preferences of Curatif cusomers, as Managing Director Matt Sanger explained.

“We’re mad for Margaritas. I mean, really we love all cocktails, but a great Margarita is a time-machine that transports you from a dreary Thursday to a sandy-toed, sun-drenched afternoon on the beach,” he said.

“We spent years getting our Tommy’s Margarita perfect before we launched, and I think that relentless pursuit of better than bar quality has been the perfect foundation for this project. These are the most requested, most loved Margarita formats out of our Club program and our cocktail aficionados love them for a reason – they’re bloody delicious.”

Curatif regularly partners with leading brands and venues, with the existing range including Archie Rose Espresso Martini, Bar Bambi X Amaretto Sour, Jacoby’s Tiki Bar X Trader Vic’s Mai Tai, and Never Never Distilling Co Negroni. This continues in the Masterita Box, which feature spirits from brands such as Tequila Tromba, Los Arcos, Ilegal Mezcal and Marionette.

The Salted Blueberry Margarita was initally designed as a collaboration with Village Cinemas for the release of Wonka, where the brief was to make a cocktail like Willy Wonka would.

The Pineapple Margarita uses Los Arcos agave spirit, which is produced in the same way as Tequila but utilises blue weber agave from the lowlands outside of Jalisco. This is paired with Mexico’s fastest growing agricultural crop, pineappple.

The Cherry Margarita and Mango Margarita offer real fruit flavours, which complement the natural sweeetness of Tequila.

Marionette Liqueurs has partnered with Curatif for the Margarita in Blue, utilising Marionette’s blue curaçao, blended with Tequila Trompa blanco. Curatif suggests enjoying it over ice.

For the final flavour, Curatif collaborated with Melbourne-based jewlery maker, Pinky Blinder, utilising Ilegal Mezcal for a savoury, smoky take on the traditional Margarita. Pinky Blinder has also crafted the Masterita Ring, which customers have a chance to win by purchasing the Masterita Box from Curatif.

“We have launched the Masterita box so that cocktails-lovers can enjoy impeccably crafted and convenient cocktails wherever they are celebrating this Margarita Month – from a dinner party with friends to date night, the unique flavour profiles on offer in this limited-edition release are sure to hit the spot. Simply shake, pour over ice and add your choice of garnish for a special finishing touch,” Sanger said.

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